Wendell Carter

  • (Wikimedia Commons)
  • Born: 4/16/99 
  • Height: 6’10”
  • Wingspan: 7’3″
  • Weight: 260 lbs
  • Draft Eligibility: 2018
  • Nationality: American
  • High School: Pace Academy (Georgia)


  • Incredibly strong build with a powerful 257 pound frame with established girth in his lower body to anchor on the glass.
  • Carries his weight well: fluid mover changing ends of the floor and can play at the pace of the NBA at his current build.
  • Not a dynamic leaper from a stand-still or off one foot but has some explosion off two feet when he gathers with some momentum in the dunker position on drop-offs and has the base and balance to finish through contact.
  • Great hands in traffic and has the fluidity and coordination to catch at high speeds.
  • Profiles best as a face-up playmaker at the NBA level with his passing awareness from the perimeter, allowing teams to invert their offense and coordinated handling ability attacking closeouts. Can also pass out of the post showing a good understanding of time and space, as well as on outlets to start the break.
  • Shooting mechanics look projectable to NBA 3 eventually. Has a fluid stroke and looks comfortable from mid-range both out of the post and even on step-backs.
  • Advanced interior scoring game with the frame to establish position. Has outstanding touch with either hand finishing over either shoulder on jump hooks inside, and has drop-steps already built into his game.
  • Excellent anticipatory and active rebounder with high box out upside.
  • Can really sink down and slide impressively for his size/build. Looks capable of defending in space in the NBA.
  • Capable rim protector with verticality and team defender due to high awareness and solid reactionary athleticism.


  • Not an outlier in terms of tools with a more modest 7-foot-3 wingspan and substandard height.
  • Isn’t incredibly explosive or bouncy, impacting his ability to protect the rim at an elite level in conjunction with his tools.
  • Will his shooting translate to NBA 3?

Bottom Line

While Bagley commands most of the prospect hype and attention at Duke, Carter has emerged as arguably the most underrated prospect in the draft. He doesn’t have the elite physical traits of his counterparts, but compensates with skill and basketball IQ. As a potential smart and versatile two-way five, Carter has Al Horford blended with Derrick Favors type ability, and unlike those two Carter could be available in the bottom half of the lottery due to the plethora of bigs in this class.

— Cole Zwicker, 11.1.17

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