Robert Williams

Texas A&M
  • (Matt Sachs, TexAgs)
  • Born: 10/17/97 
  • Height: 6’9″
  • Wingspan: 7’4″
  • Weight: 237 lbs
  • Draft Eligibility: 2018
  • Nationality: American
  • High School: North Caddo High School (Louisiana)


  • Rare package of run and jump athleticism, fluidity, explosive leaping and chaos-creating length for a big.
  • Gets off the floor quickly with elite bounce either from a standstill or on the move.
  • Incredibly coordinated catching on the move at high speeds with the fluidity to finish even using a dribble.
  • Elite finishing prospect as a lob-catcher with the body control and insane catch radius to be a gravitational threat as a rim-runner and diver.
  • Can really high point balls in traffic on the offensive glass especially with his vertical pop and length.
  • Has dual pick-and-roll dive and pop finishing ability, as his mechanics on his jump shot with a slower release but plus elevation project well in the mid-range.
  • Shows passing flashes in stationary high-low settings as well as on the move, demonstrating underrated court awareness.
  • Dynamic shot-blocker especially rotating in space and covering ground quickly to erase separation advantages.
  • Elite recovery ability with range and length, enabling him to make up for mistakes easier defensively.
  • Quick feet sliding in space when he engages and should at least be a capable contain defender in pick-and-roll and effective hedger in time.


  • Lacks imposing strength, lower body girth and ideal positional size for a NBA five.
  • Not a physical interior defender and doesn’t actively box out. Can he anchor a high-level NBA defense at the five, especially on the defensive glass? Looks like a tweener.
  • Poor effort screener who mostly just wants to dive quickly to the rim for lobs.
  • High-level shot-blocker given athleticism and length advantages but isn’t the most disciplined interior defender knowing when to challenge shots with control.
  • Mostly a finisher only right now outside of passing flashes, and gets sped up when trying to create in the post or in face-up situations as a ball-handler.
  • Workable shooting mechanics, but inconsistent and shoots on the way down at times. Is there too much input with elevation and lack of fluidity to extend to NBA 3? Does not shoot an easy ball.
  • Raw pick-and-roll space defender at this stage playing too high and not understanding angles. Lacks suddenness in his drop-step on switches. How much can his length erase?

Bottom Line

Williams has apparently added strength over the summer that will allow him to play the NBA five easier, a crucial input to his projection. It’s worrisome that teams might play him as a four due to not trusting him as an anchor, and his ball-skills and shooting aren’t polished enough to be a threat there yet. He also might play out of position at Texas A&M this year, which is something to keep in mind. Still, Williams is a dynamic athlete with two-way unicorn upside, and would have likely been the top big man selected in the 2017 draft.

— Cole Zwicker, 11.1.17

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