Miles Bridges

Michigan State
  • (Sunny Dhanjal)
  • Born: 3/21/98 
  • Height: 6’7″
  • Wingspan: 6’8.5″
  • Weight: 230 lbs
  • Draft Eligibility: 2018
  • Nationality: American
  • High School: Huntington Prep School (West Virginia)


  • Best offensive attribute might be his two foot explosion. If this is player’s greatest strength, usually indicates very flawed player, but combined with his size and motor, his two foot jump makes him efficient finisher that draws a lot of attention when he cuts or drives closeouts.
  • Screens well, cuts with good timin. Generally has good timing within team’s actions. Understands sets, and how to regroup for effective actions late in shot clock after initial failed action.
  • Offensive rebounding rate isn’t great, but when he goes after them he’s good, ie. off of his own drives, plays where he ends up in dunker’s spot, tip in opportunities. Leaping ability and decent touch show up here.
  • His spot up jump shot, particularly from 3, was good last year (38.9%). Shooting off the dribble is much worse. Will sometimes get tunnel vision, seemingly deciding to shoot before the play is fully developed.
  • Passing is adequate, but decision making is inconsistent. Not a great creator in iso or PnR situations. Handle is sufficient to run PnR’s but technique coming around screen is bad and doesn’t have burst to make defenders pay for going under screens.
  • Context Concerns: Miles played the 4 a lot last year and was fortunately perimeter oriented, but did not play with many good shooters. This year the spacing gets worse as he might be playing a lot of 3 next to two young bigs, Ward and Jackson. Might be difficult to evaluate creation improvement.


  • Defensive rebounding is really good. Gives a lot of effort here and his explosion and mobility help him rebound outside of an area that a normal 6’7 (maybe 6’6) player could.
  • Moves feet well on the perimeter and has a low foul rate. Rarely makes mistakes on switches and can guard 1-4 late in shot clock.
  • 6’9” wingspan isn’t amazing, but his contests on the perimeter and help at the rim are very, very effective. His two foot explosion show up here is a big way. Has propensity to bite on pump fakes, and since his second jump and load up time can be a little slow, it usually means a big advantage for offense.
  • Motor can wane after mistakes and long stretches of minutes.

Projected Range of NBA Outcomes

  • Low: Backup wing who can guard multiple positions but brings very little offensive value outside of “garbage” buckets off tip-ins, a rare back door cut, and open court dunks.
  • High: Capable 3rd or 4th offensive option who is reliable spot up shooter from 3, can attack closeouts, pass a little, and guard most perimeter positions in switch heavy systems.

— Sean Derenthal, 11.1.17

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