Marvin Bagley

  • (Carlos Salcedo)
  • Born: 3/14/99
  • Height: 6’11”
  • Wingspan: 7’0″
  • Weight: 225 lbs
  • Draft Eligibility: 2018
  • Nationality: American
  • High School: Sierra Canyon School (California)


  • Special combination of fluidity and speed changing ends of the floor like a wing, as well as rare coordination and explosive athleticism for his size as a finisher.
  • Elite vertical pop and quick reaction second jump: can explode loading up off two feet either on the move or from a stand-still, as well as off one foot fluidly on the move. Second jump is a generational trait.
  • Dual threat pick-and-roll finishing upside with the ability to suck defenses in with gravitational lob catches with plus hands and a large catch-radius, as well either popping for a workable mid-range jumper while also putting the ball on the floor to finish in advantage situations attacking the rim as a slasher.
  • Plus motor on the offensive glass with the instincts and bounce to high-point balls quickly in traffic.
  • Flashes capable ball handling in big spaces, especially in grab-and-go situations in transition, while also putting promising fluid footwork on tape.
  • Has natural touch on the interior finishing with left-handed runners and jump hooks, and is physical enough in the post to establish position on duck-ins and elevate over the top of defenders.
  • Upside as a switch defender due to being light on his feet and possessing some quick twitch athleticism. Sits down in a stance naturally to maximize explosiveness.
  • Can protect the rim from the weak side due to range/closing speed and the bounce to elevate, but lacks natural timing.


  • What position does he play in the NBA? Measurables and skill combination creates a five in a four’s body projection due to average 7-foot wingspan and lack of girth at 221 pounds, clouding his positional translation.
  • Lacks the strength, length and stand-still rim protection girth to anchor on the interior and on the glass at the five despite relatively wide shoulders, and lacks the surefire perimeter skill to project him to the four confidently.
  • Shooting mechanics aren’t broken as he keeps his elbow in most of the time despite flexing past 90 degrees, but the production from 3pt range hasn’t been established, nor is he effective from the foul line.
  • Has the ability to attack in straight lines in face-up situations or closeouts going left or right, but almost always comes back to his left hand to finish. Needs to develop the threat of his right hand especially attacking right.
  • Can handle in big spaces and advantage situations, mostly transition and slashing to the rim against a bent defense, but struggles to separate in face-up situations when defended by athletic NBA capable fours such as Michael Porter.
  • Capable open court hit-ahead passer and high-low entry passer, but lacks plus decision-making and vision passing on the move in more confined spaces getting sped up.
  • Gets run through from a standstill trying to protect the rim lacking the strength to absorb contact without getting dislodged.
  • Late too often on rotations timing wise from the weak side, and doesn’t have the length to compensate.

Bottom Line

Bagley has a generational fluidity/coordination/explosiveness/finishing profile for a big on par with offensive Anthony Davis sans length extension, but lacks a clear position translation with the information we have currently. If he shows progress shooting college 3s consistently, as well as improved decision-making and the ability to handle better in self-creation situations, he could easily vie for #1 pick honors. Perimeter skills is the key area to monitor with Bagley, who ideally projects to start at the four at the next level and kick to the five whenever matchups allow, the latter which will unleash him offensively as a top-shelf finisher.

— Cole Zwicker, 11.1.17

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