Kevin Knox

  • (Wikimedia Commons)
  • Born: 8/11/99 
  • Height: 6’9″
  • Wingspan: 6’11.5″
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Draft Eligibility: 2018
  • Nationality: American
  • High School: Tampa Catholic High School (Florida)


  • General feel or IQ is best attribute: good cutter, moves well to open space, is smart on offensive glass, knows when to try, when to get back for transition D.
  • Length allows him to play at the rim on drives and alley-oops.
  • Athleticism and straight line speed in open court create lots of easy opportunities at the rim.
  • Shot is middling asset. Shoots with confidence and adequate form. Releases the ball on the way up and mechanically it’s both quick and easy. He’s not uncomfortable from NBA range. Squares well and shoots the same off catch-and-shoot as off-dribble.
  • Very little creation, both off dribble or passing. If he receives the ball in catch-and-shoot situation or cutting to basket, he almost always attempts a shot.
  • Coaches (at higher level events) rarely use him as creator: isolation or PnR. That’s not conclusive, but definitely concerning.


  • Length makes him good, versatile defender on any perimeter oriented player.
  • On-ball defensive first reaction is really quick, especially considering his long legs. Mirrors offensive player’s first step well.
  • Length and feel combine to make him a good defensive rebounder, as well as a grab-and-go threat.
  • Smart, good feel on defense in general. Doesn’t over help like many his age do. Finds himself in the right position often to create steal or rotating to contest/block shot at rim. Rarely makes bad gambles, jumps passing lanes well with quickness and recognition of offensive set development.
  • Not particularly strong, but doesn’t get bumped off very often and can hold his own in the heavy traffic of the defensive glass.
  • Despite feel/intelligence/lack of mistakes, his motor can wain from time to time.

Projected Range of NBA Outcomes

  • High: High IQ spot-up shooter/cutter/transition wing. Disrupter on defense on the perimeter and help side, guarding guards to slim 4s.
  • Low: Positive defensive player, who drags down an offense with little skill (passing/dribbling) and little spacing.

— Sean Derenthal, 11.1.17

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