Jontay Porter


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  • (Hoop Group)
  • Born: 11/15/99
  • Height: 6’11”
  • Wingspan:
  • Weight: 240 lbs
  • Draft Eligibility: 2018
  • Nationality: American
  • High School: Nathan Hale High School (Washington)


  • Advanced frame for his age at 240 pounds with the base to add lean muscle without worrying much about vertical explosiveness as long as his mobility is maintained.
  • Outstanding shooting mechanics for a big on spot ups. Gets great feet/elbow alignment on his set shot with a simple shot process and nice hip turn to increase power, ending with a compact and quick release. Sound preparatory footwork catching on the hop or the 1-2. Flashes the ability to shoot off motion on down screens.
  • Moves well without the ball relocating and making himself available on the perimeter, a rare trait for a big. Used predominately as a stretch or pick-and-pop five. Shows good awareness of locating and popping to the 3pt line.
  • Has enough coordination to put the ball on the floor attacking closeouts and pass on the move. Quick to catch and go, and flashes spin moves in attack situations.
  • Quick decision-maker and ball-mover on the perimeter, reads the floor out of the post and can pass over the top of defenders. Shows advanced touch and location on entry passes.
  • Below the rim finisher but has shown ambidexterity from the post. Mostly passes out of the post but has the frame to carve space there and enough coordination and footwork to drop step or finish over either shoulder with natural touch on interior shots.
  • Underrated lateral mover guarding the perimeter defensively who can slide in space changing directions east/west and shows the range to help and recover in pick-and-roll.
  • Shows advanced technique closing out to shooters in a stance and blocks shots on contests with technique and effort despite a lack of reach.
  • Plus court awareness for his age making rotations and crashing down for blocks one pass away. Doesn’t project as a high-level rim protector but wins with ambidextrous blocking, verticality and timing.
  • Consistently boxes out on defense and actively seals his man on the offensive glass using his frame to compensate for a lack of bounce.


  • Lacks ideal five measurable being undersized and with average length, limiting his ability to protect the rim and challenge shots in plus fashion with his modest reach.
  • Very limited vertical athlete for a big and is mostly a below the rim player lacking pop as a finisher and rebounder.
  • Has good not great feet defending in space and is not a switch threat with his lack of north/south direction change issues.
  • Mostly a stretch and perimeter playmaking big at this juncture and rarely gets finishing opportunities around the basket.
  • Can get a bit sped up handling the ball and with decision-making, lacking the agility to attack outside of big space situations and sometimes tries to force passes without reading the defense.
  • Usually displays sounds technique but can get a bit jumpy at times defending the interior.

Bottom Line

The “Other Porter” is a legitimate prospect in his own right, showing advanced intelligence and skill level for the youngest player in his class (having just turned 18). If you watch Jontay he doesn’t look his age on the court, playing with more poise and intellect than a lot of prospects two or three years older than him. His shot projection and passing acumen gives him an avenue to value at the next level as a situational stretch/playmaking five, and he moves better guarding in space than he gets credit for. For a player who needs to win the thinking and positioning game given his lack of physical tools and vertical pop, Porter is well on his way to earning trust in these areas. It will be interesting to monitor his development as the season progresses, but right now he deserves to be mentioned in the first round conversation, even if it’s unlikely he declares.

— Cole Zwicker, 12.7.17

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