DeAndre Ayton

  • (Wikimedia Commons)
  • Born: 7/23/98 
  • Height: 7’0″
  • Wingspan: 7’5″
  • Weight: 250 lbs
  • Draft Eligibility: 2018
  • Nationality: American
  • High School: Hillcrest Hoops (Arizona)


  • Coordination and fluidity is guard-like at 7’0. Allows him to shoot the ball with touch from every distance, and also be a great roll man with soft hands.
  • Coordination shows up in shot mechanics, which are natural and smooth. Doesn’t dip ball too low on spot-ups, and has quick, high release.
  • Not amazing decision maker, but has touch/coordination to make good passes. Will make great passes occasionally.
  • Elements of good screener: rescreens with good timing and position, rolls well, willing roll man.
  • Handle is adequate, but creation from perimeter is limited. Mostly because of lack of space.
  • Understands his team’s plays well. While seems to “think” game well, doesn’t always react quickly/instinctively in broken plays/chaos of transition.
  • Weak. Sometimes cannot beat stronger post player to the basket because of physicality. Has to settle for jumpers around 10 feet. Can’t hold low post position well/create bigger passing lanes for entry passes. Offensive rebounding is weaknesses because of strength and bad positioning.


  • Can slide well and sit in good stance when engaged in PNR coverages. Can pivot/rotate quickly in paint to adjust for dump off passes.
  • Quick, light jump. Needs little time to load up and, with nice wingspan, can reach blocks, contests, and rebounds that most cannot.
  • Despite above, is often out of position because he goes to box out too late, or never returns to rim after a defensive rotation or two.
  • Rarely completely engaged. Low motor. *Possible Caveat*: he frequently has to play entire games.
  • Often doesn’t make full rotation to cut off driver and is ineffective as helper/weakside rim protector.
  • When he’s not engaged he does a lot of reaching, and little reacting with feet.
  • Lack of strength, not position, is biggest factor when he fails to rebound well.
  • Seems to lack defensive instincts. Can look slow because of this.

Projected Range of NBA Role

  • Low Outcome: Back up big, who plays away from the rim on offense, and is a poor rim protector on defense. Not effective at much besides spot-ups.
  • High Outcome: Two-way center that is one of the best high PnR/PnP bigs in the league, and can defend/rebound enough to be a +4 or +5 points/100-possessions type player.

— Sean Derenthal, 11.1.17

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