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We’re excited to bring you what we hope will be a one-stop NBA draft hub that will cover all areas of the prospect evaluation process including high school, college, international and the NBA over multiple content mediums!

We feel like there is demand for more in-depth and nuanced prospect coverage with added perspective and a creative delivery-method that aligns more with the modern era of both basketball and prospect analysis. Our goal is to cultivate that sentiment with responsive content. We are thrilled with the group of individuals we’ve assembled to undertake this project, with backgrounds spanning across multiple subject matters to include statistics, business and law, among others. Hopefully that diversity in thought-process is captured on the page and via other content mediums.

We don’t know what exactly constitutes “draft expertise”, a seemingly unquantifiable bar, but if your definition includes an expansive tangible resume scouting for professional teams, we certainly aren’t that, nor is that what The Stepien is about. We are a group comprised of self-created “draft twitter”, un-affiliated individuals who created a platform to discuss the NBA draft by challenging each other to better one-another. We can’t promise expertise in terms of projecting the draft successfully, nor is that our mantra. What we can promise you is a rigorous time commitment to film study and full content integrity that is free from the confines of standard websites that are geared towards hit generation and not substance.

We hope that you will find that substance on The Stepien that evades other draft coverage, and that as a community we can continue to strive towards bettering our understanding of prospect evaluation.

-The Stepien Crew


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